Letter: Prominent BPC resident endorses Aaron Foldenauer for city council

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Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to urge my neighbors to vote this Tuesday for Aaron Foldenauer for New York City Council, District 1, representing Lower Manhattan (www.aaronforcitycouncil.com and www.facebook.com/FoldenauerforNY).

I am not affiliated with any campaign, and I only met Aaron for the first time today.  He promised me that he would advocate for our community about the helicopter noise pollution, and showed a deep understanding of the issue.  I believe if elected he will honor his commitment.

About a year and a half ago, this web site was kind enough to publish my letter on the scourge of tourist helicopters.  In my letter back in February 2016, I heralded our “City Councilperson, Margaret Chin,” for having “introduced a bill to ban these tourist flights.  Unfortunately, that bill turned out to a sham.

After appearing at rallies for our cause and mugging for the cameras, Ms. Chin helped cut a secret side deal with the helicopter industry to EXTEND (not cancel) the helicopter lease for many more years — the very opposite of her promise to the community.  And she imposed this sentence upon us without consulting with the constituents she double-crossed.  Indeed, Ms. Chin’s office admitted to us that Ms. Chin could not even be bothered to read the new agreement (which was horribly one-sided in the industry’s favor) before throwing it her support behind it and abandoning her own legislation.  In a nutshell, Margaret Chin is pretty much everything that is wrong with politicians.

It only takes one honest person to bring about real change, however.  This coming Tuesday is the New York Democratic primary.  I was planning on sitting this one out, until I ran into Ms. Foldenauer today campaigning on a street corner.  I found him to be honest, well-meaning and forthright — everything the duplicitous Ms. Chin is not.  In our District, the Democratic primary is the functional equivalent of the general election.  If you hate helicopter noise pollution, or if you are just sick of politicians of low character, then Tuesday is your day.  Past elections have been decided by just a few hundred votes, so turnout is the key.  Please vote.

Let’s make Tuesday the day when our community regains its voice.


John Dellaportas, 23-Year Battery Park City resident

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