Much needed traffic light at North End and Murray Streets

September 22, 2012 By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV was asked by a local business owner whether we could assist in having the city or BPCA install much needed traffic lights at the dangerous Murray Street intersections. There have been at least two incidents of pedestrians being seriously injured by being run over as they crossed North End Avenue. One man had his leg broken when a city bus struck him. In addition, further down on Murray Street, at the crossing from Shake Shack to the ball fields, that stop sign was routinely ignored, jeopardizing the hundreds of children each day who cross.

We made some calls and emails, and the situation was promptly resolved. However, to be sure, it was the clout of Goldman Sachs and others that made this happen so fast.

A new turning lane was added as well, making it harder for tour buses and livery cabs to loiter in the “no standing” zone (which BatteryPark.TV also helped get installed).

The next project of this nature on the agenda for BatteryPark.TV is to have West Thames Street redesigned with a physical median barrier with traffic lights. That stretch of road is also a death trap.

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