Essay: How Fascism is Creeping into the United States via Silicon Valley Trojan Horses

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December 8, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I don’t usually have nightmares, but I had a good one this morning before waking up. In my dream, I was in bed at some Mediterranean seaside house. I looked up at the ceiling without my glasses and saw a dark spot. I squinted and it came into focus. It was a large spider. Then, I spotted more. Then, I realized they were on the bed! While I was sleeping, I had allowed a deadly threat to invade my most personal of spaces.

This dream was inspired by thoughts I had been pondering about the current political climate.

Looking back at the Obama years, it is truly scary to see how a secret deadly species was spreading. We know about the Deep State by now through the news relating to the attempted coup of President Trump by Obama-Hillary stooges. But look also at Silicon Valley. It is a silent threat right under our noses.

The reason we have not seen another Year-2000 Dot-com bubble burst is that Obama kept interest rates at zero creating a false stock market that propped up Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, etc. The holders of trillions in cash around the world were forced to invest in stocks rather than low-yield bonds.

Well, that gave the Silicon Valley CEO’s a false sense of importance and power ego. They had money to burn. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook truly believed that they were the chosen leaders of the world and that it was their burden to control what we peasants read and write. Then, the stoner CEO of Twitter followed suit. Google began to promote Democrat political ads while stifling Republican ads. The old media companies, such as CBS, jumped on the propaganda thought-control bandwagon too.

This truly scares me, like those spiders, because the tech companies were modeling their behavior after Europe and the rest of the world. This dystopian nightmare is a reality now all around the world and is silently spreading into the United States like pancreatic cancer.

There is zero freedom of speech even in England, which we view as a company much like ours. One gets sent to jail for saying slightly bad things about immigration. This is how Twitter gets the courage to put people in “Twitter jail” by banning them if they are too effective at refuting the communist ideology. This is where Google gets the ideas for skewing search results to favor Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

If Hillary Clinton had won, the radical communists would have finally achieved their American Bolshevik revolution that they sought 100-years ago, and then again in the late 1960’s. They would have gained control of the government as well as the majority of platforms for public speech.

What is worse is that we all would have let it happen without a single shot fired. Most of us willingly gave Facebook our entire lives to exploit for profit by selling our data. Many of us have bought Amazon’s Alexa home gadget that allows Amazon to record and transcribe our home conversations. We all use Google a hundred times a day when other search engines are just as good.

Few people read or bother to become educated, so they have no idea why any of the aforementioned is dangerous to our liberties. The common reply from idiots is, “I have nothing to hide.”, not realizing that their apathy is what allows fascists to steal their liberties.

Look at France today. The entire nation is literally on the brink with massive riots taking place. The Eiffel Tower was shut down. Roads are blocked by “yellow vest” protestors. That is what happens when personal liberties are taken away. Those French riots are not about gas tax hikes. They are about an angry mob sick of the Obama-era lapdog European leaders trying to force upon them a false reality. This is why Angela Merkel was recently ousted and France’s Macron has a 15% approval rating. This is why a wave of red populist leaders took over in Italy and Sweden is close behind.

Americans need to become educated on the ways that our so-called allies in Europe govern their masses. They use propaganda and fascist tactics straight from the Nazi regime to stifle freedom of speech. In many ways, Hitler and fascism did prevail in Europe. It is just a matter of time before it creeps into this country via Trojan Horses, such as Facebook and Alexa unless we all collectively wake up.

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  1. Chester says:

    Scary Times
    In Minnesota a state representative voted in today said he doesn’t have to learn English bc his constituency is Muslims. Cy Vance turned a blind eye to raping Weinstein but wants to destroy an 80 year old Manafort cause they cannot accept Russia probe was a hoax. Corruption in NY. The AG of NY is a vindictive That can not accept the will of the voters 2 years after an election.

    I never thought that I would see in America the open hostility of Jews by 2 members of Congress nor that the democrat party would condone anti semitism. It is absolutely horrific. Nor did I ever think that while a once prosperous country like Venezuala could be destroyed by socialism at the same time socialism it is growing in popularity in the United States bc of a 28 year old nitwit tax fraud AOC.

    But look at our education system and the people teaching kids – socialists and globalists College students take photos of themselves on social media and look up to Lori Loughlins spawn while students in China, Japan and India succeed. In a WW2 simulation this week, our nation would be creamed…

    Scary times….from the greatest generation that defeated communism and nazism to the lazy, corrupted by parents, social media obsessed, snowflakes socialists in only 50 years …mainly as a result of the Internet social media and the globalist socialists of CNN and America hating CNN and democrat party

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