The Democrats’ strategy of destabilizing Western Democracy through immigration chaos will backfire

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June 14, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

The influx of illegal aliens coming from Guatemala overwhelming the Southern border is the result of a concerted effort by Democrats (which is now a party of communism) to overthrow the traditional ruling powers in America (i.e. white Christians and Jews). It is taken straight from the same playbook used by Obama stooges to topple traditional leaders in European nations by sending Muslims from Syria into Europe.

Immigration is a powerful way to destabilize the traditional ruling forces. If Muslims became a significant caucus in congress, for example, then we would see more cities in this country turn into Londonstan, where Dark Ages Sharia Law rules. When illegal aliens from Central America flood states, it will change the Electoral College map.

Politics around the Western world really boils down to race. It is a battle by people of color trying to gain control and topple the traditional white ruling class. This means that society built upon traditional mores must be destroyed. Hypothetically, if Kamala Harris or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became president, there would be mobs tearing down statues, renaming anything with Jefferson or Washington on it, black reparations, salary quotas for women akin to Title IX in sports, and a myriad of other policies not based on merit, but rather the identity of the group.

George Soros is the best-known American-hating plutocrat orchestrating these disruptive immigration campaign around the globe. As previously stated, he is a man who represents the views of billions of people, who hates America and wants to see it destroyed. Iranian are not the only ones who chant “Death to America”

Soros is also trying to destabilize traditional America using anarchy of a lawless society. The black female prosecutor in Chicago who freed race hoaxster Jussie Smollett was put into power by Soros money. He has reportedly succeeded in several other cities installing similar prosecutors who pledge to literally not enforce the law even for violent crimes.

However, take heart. This will all surely backfire in America just as it is doing in Europe. The pendulum has swung back in favor of populism and nationalism in Europe. All of the Obama-era globalist stooges have been ousted in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. Macron in France is a dead man walking as massive yellow-vest riots go on.

The “new norm” Obama wanted us all to accept, of Muslim terrorism on a routine basis, was unacceptable even for the anesthetized zombies in Europe. America is far less communist and will not put up with this.

What we are certain to see over the next 18-months is the following:

Every one of the radical Democratic candidates for 2020 will fail miserably in the primaries, leaving the only form of traditional white guy, Joe Biden, as the candidate, who will then lose badly. Governors in the blue states, such as Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, will be ousted or made irrelevant due to low approval. The homelessness and high taxes caused by the socialist policies in those states will be too much for the silent 50% in blue states.

Reality will hit these weak and stupid Democrats hard at the polls. We have already seen delusional bubble-dwellers flame out once they dipped their toes into the 2020 national debate.

Stoner Mayor Bill de Blasio is the least popular mayor, perhaps, in the history of New York, because he pioneered the policy of restricting cops from arresting criminals, ignoring homelessness, raising taxes, profiting from corruption, etc. Also, nasty, mean-spirited, Kamala Harris is not even on the list as VP for Joe Biden because everyone knows she is a fraud who slept her way into power by having an extramarital affair with San Francisco mayor Willy Brown (he openly admits it). It is just a matter of time before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ventures outside of her cocoon and gets body slammed hard.

So, if the Republicans have any leadership whatsoever, they should be able to use the radical fascism of the Democrat base against them. Trump should send thousands of illegal aliens straight to San Francisco and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They should set up tent cities in the Hamptons and Alexandria, Virginia. Taxes should be placed on all money sent to Mexico from illegals here. The communist Democrats love raising taxes. So, call their bluff. Pass another tax bill that raises rates on the one-percenters like Soros.

The Democrats sense their demise too. They see what is happening in Europe. That is why they are apoplectic about the prospects of Trump serving another term.

But power was so close at one point. Obama seemed certain to appoint Hillary Clinton as his successor on the throne. Then Trump happened.

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  1. Chester says:

    Just saw on news that California is giving illegals free healthcare. That should incentivize the whole 3rd world from invading. (NY already is – go to an emergency room or NYU dental school and it’s apparent)

    Unemployed Americans can’t afford to make Obamacare payments ( many friends don’t have healthcare) yet trespassers are given free healthcare, housing, dental care, etc.
    Our border laws are a joke….

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