Another injury related to WTC Oculus escalators (that cost only $4 Billion)

April 27, 2017- A woman recently fell from the railing of the WTC Oculus escalators and died. Now,  DNAinfo reports, “Two men were injured when a World Trade Center Oculus escalator they were riding malfunctioned Thursday morning, officials said.

The men were on the escalator when it abruptly buckled about 7 a.m., according to a Port Authority spokesman.

They were able to walk out to a waiting ambulance which brought them to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for evaluation, officials said.”

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One Response to Another injury related to WTC Oculus escalators (that cost only $4 Billion)

  1. Chester says:

    Why do the elevators not work in the Oculus? You also can’t ride one elevator from top to bottom. Each elevator bank scattered thru oculus goes up one or two floors of the four – that is if working. So inconvenient and I can’t imagine how ADA compliant?
    The escalators are plain creepy! The escalator goes one flight then you have to walk around the floor crossing the path of escalator going up so people getting off while your crossing path to get to down escalator. The escalators aren’t even attractive or artistic – just standard steel drug store/ discount store looking.

    The oculus gives me vertigo. Also while we are discussing design — the bridge going over the west side highway to the wfc used to be filled with pedestrians coming from BPC to wfc with shortcut over the wtc….now it’s a winding path over the new park over the garage where you go down these crazy sidesteps dangerous with no handlebars. It’s like the designers of this place were blind or stupid. It’s not good for going to work as take 15 more minutes out of commute and coming home steep incline where my father couldn’t even walk up it!
    Century 21 escalator stop short several times as well.

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