BPCA President Shari Hyman leaves amidst scandal

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September 15, 2017- The Tribeca Tribune reported that BPCA President Shari Hyman has left her job and is heading to Westfield to manage their retail shops in the WTC Oculus and Fulton Station. She leaves while still being the defendant in the federal lawsuit by Kirk Swanson, and as a federal motion to restructure the entire BPCA is pending a decision.

As of now, the only target of the BPTV federal lawsuit who remains at the BPCA is Chairman Dennis Mehiel. He is refusing to leave his post despite the governor failing to renew his position almost two years ago. Robert Serpico and Seema Singh were previously ousted, as were Robin Forst, Anne Fenton, Matt Monahan, Gayle Horwitz, Dimitri Boutris, Fernando Mateo, and Martha Gallo, all after BPTV began exposing scandals and corruption.

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2 Responses to BPCA President Shari Hyman leaves amidst scandal

  1. anrf says:

    This is no surprise at all.

    BPCA is, was and has always been a snake pit and totally corrupt. The only reason it was not shut down long ago is because politicians (including the governor) who owe political and donor favors give them and their cronies jobs there. Even if they have no qualifications or even show up most of the time to do their jobs.

    As a former employee I saw and know this continues to go on firsthand…….

  2. anrf says:

    Battery Park was and is a corrupt snake pit. It should have been disbanded long ago but then the politicians who owed favors to their donors, supporters and political cronies would have no place to put them.

    The majority of senior staff, department heads and board members are implicit in and/or aware of the shady deals, misuse of funds and ineptitude that does and has always existed there.

    I would be shocked however if anything came of the latest investigation other than another useless reorganization of which there have been many over the years……

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