Violent felons selling fake Statue of Liberty tickets finally ousted from the Battery?

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August 21, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

BPTV has been the only source to state bluntly that the con artists in The Battery selling bogus Statue of Liberty tour tickets were career felons with violent backgrounds (e.g. rape of a 6-yo girl, murder, etc.). When tourists go to the Staten Island ferry terminal, aggressive men try to steal from them.

Despite story after story on this, crooked Mayor de Blasio, champion of “Do the crime and do no time“, has allowed this disgrace to flourish. Only when a member of the New York political machine was herself accosted did action happen.

The company behind this, New York Waterway, has gotten the message. It claims that it will not allow boats participating in this scam to dock at their piers. But don’t hold your breath. Numerous times before, there have been stories like this and the con artists continued.

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