Review: Taco Dive

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Update September 4, 2019- The chicken and beef burritos are great. They are constructed and cut like El Vez burritos. The inside fillings are similar too. Very good.

August 22, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Although I have been in Port Saint Lucie for four-months, I have not bothered to drive four miles south to the newest region called Traditions. It has large-box stores, such as Home Depot and Bass pro Shop, as well as a small shopping district that is quite nice called Traditions Village Square. It is designed to look like a historical district in Fort Pierce, for example.

A coffee shop recommended that I try Taco Dive. It is a small place in the village.

Everything here is made fresh and from scratch. I saw through the open kitchen as they fried up my nacho chips for the salsa.

The tacos are about $5 each and quite large, but not too big. The meats have tremendous flavor. The steak taco is tender, juicy, and savory. The shredded chicken taco has a blackened smoky flavor.

It is a sit-down service restaurant. The staff are friendly and they display good hospitality. Taco Dive is a family-run business with only three locations.

My entire bill was $13, which is what Chipotle would cost. I’ll be back, as Arnold would say.

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