Essay: The new way entertainers milk fame

September 23, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Tiger Woods recently supported President Trump in the best way that he could. In August, during the Northern Trust tournament, a reporter asked Tiger Woods about his relationship with President Trump. He said, “He’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office,”

This seemingly rational and obvious statement caused a stir amongst the far-left communists who have taken over media. ESPN’s Max Kellerman said that Tiger’s statement angered him (The CEO of Disney, owner of ESPN, has since stated that ESPN has become too political.) Jack Nicklaus then weighed in, supporting Tiger.

During the same time, also dominating the news was Serena Williams’ unsportsmanlike behavior at the U.S. Open. Sensing that she lacked what it took to win, Williams threw a childish temper tantrum. She smashed her rackets, used illegal coaching tips from the stands, and was penalized a game.

She wanted to be the source of attention even after losing a tournament. It was classic narcissism on full display.

Serena then proceeded to turn her publicity stunt into a matter of societal importance, perhaps to deflect from her embarrassing behavior. She was the victim of sexism, she claimed. Men in tennis get away with such bad behavior. But other legendary female players disagreed and denounced her.

In Serena Williams joining the hyper-polarized political debate, Civil War actually, she followed in the footsteps of Colin Kaepernick. For unknown reasons (much like Jerry Lewis taking on muscular dystrophy for unknown reasons), Kaepernick transformed himself from mediocre NFL quarterback into a self-appointed martyr of…Well, it is not clear what Kaepernick is protesting precisely. He seems to be the voice for all people of color who have ever been treated poorly by America.

Kaepernick does not really have a well thought out thesis, to say the least. His decision to kneel during the national anthem, protesting everything about the country, is a bit of a hydrogen bomb approach to something that needs a more defined voice.

Kaepernick, and most of the other NFL athletes emulating him, have almost no education and can barely read. They have been rewarded by a larger movement of erudite communist whites in ivory towers. Kaepernick, et al are pawns, and they do not realize it. Trump disapproved of the kneeling. Therefore, the white communists encourage the kneeling.

Similar scenarios have played out in Hollywood. Numerous has-been comedians and actors, who can no longer sell tickets to even small comedy shop venues, have turned to the career resuscitation of radical politics. Kathy Griffin held the severed head of Trump, then got fired from her New Years Eve gig on CNN. Jim Carey, who can no longer create box office hits and has a spiraling downward personal life, has turned to advocating for socialism as his way back into good graces of the Hollywood comrades.

There are too many other Hollywood examples like this to list. The entire industry is imploding as people turn away from the theaters and stay at home to rent from Netflix. Thousands of actors who are now out of work are desperate for fame.

But the few remaining A-list celebrities are not joining the Civil War. Tom Cruise, Robert Downey, Jr., Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Mathew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, etc. have not become pawns in the war. They still have lucrative careers to protect.

Tiger Woods won the FedEx Cup in dominating fashion at East Lake, at age 42. Serena Williams lost the U.S. Open.

Coincidence? Divine intervention from the Pro-Trump God? Nope.

People in sports and entertainment who know they cannot do it any longer are consciously extending fame by pivoting to attention-getting political statements. They have nothing to lose. Their regular careers are over.

Even the people in the press become politically polarizing for the same reasons. ESPN, the cash cow of Disney, has a terminal illness called “cord cutting” ESPN has been laying off the expensive talent. Max Kellerman’s only hope is to pivot to the left, much as Bill Maher has stayed on TV for so long despite being atrocious at his job.

Likewise, TV news is dead. The propagandists on the news are forced to become pawns in the Bolshevik Revolution or else they would be ousted. Scott Pelley on CBS was apparently not on board with the strategy of daily headlines about “Russian Collusion” and was ousted. Since then, his boss, Jeff Fager, and the CEO, Les Moonves have been fired.

Every radical communist comedian and actor is also a comedian who is failing at the box office. Every person kneeling in the NFL is close to being cut anyway. People who have viable sports and entertainment careers avoid politics.

It is very simple. Entertainers and athletes pretending to have social consciences are just milking fame and money. They have zero interest in bettering society.

If a far-right dictator were in charge, these same athletes and entertainers would become far-right propagandists in a second. Before and after WWII, most people in Hollywood opposed joining the war and appeased or outright supported Hitler and Stalin.

Joseph Kennedy, the father of President Kennedy, was caught appeasing Hitler and fired by FDR from his UK Ambassador job. Joseph Kennedy had strong ties to Hollywood and used propaganda to promote the family image and propel Jack into office.

Fascism knows no political affiliation. There is no difference between the left and the right. Fascism is a cancer that grows on the host indiscriminately. One decade, it might be Italy. Decades later, it might be the United States.

Follow the money and power. Very few people truly care about the well-being of this nation. The more vocal they are, the more likely they are parasites.

(Editor’s Note: What should really worry the far-left, that has now taken over the Democrat party, is to see black icons, such as Tiger Woods or Kanye West, warm up to President Trump and populism. Some political experts say that if just a few percentage of the black voted peeled away from the Democrat base, then the Republicans would take over even in Democrat Blue states.)

(Editor’s Note: Tiger has not yet won the FedEX Cup at the time this story was posted. But he will.)

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3 Responses to Essay: The new way entertainers milk fame

  1. DrB says:

    This is beyond excellent.
    Thank you!

  2. mldonovan says:

    Well said — worth whatever time it took to write it and to read it. But as I was reading, I could see how people left of center might take it and wished you had avoided the generalization about athletes who can barely read. I enjoy reading your original take on things, but I think with a comment like that you probably lost some readers who were unwillingly recognizing that your overall premise is on target — giving them an excuse to disregard the central truth. In any case, I’m glad for your outspoken voice because the country really needs a doctor.

  3. Editor says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I agree, but I intentionally wrote that to offend people. These athletes need to be exposed as the uneducated pawns in the game.

    I added some URL links to show my point on the startling lack of education athletes have. Our college sports system is a bad joke.

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