Tip of the Week: How to make Trader Joe’s homemade pizza

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Update April 28, 2018- I just picked the brain of the Eataly pizza section manager. They do the same things that I do with my home Trader Joe’s pizzas, for the most part. They handle the dough the same way. They use just mozzarella, and not provolone.

But my pizza is better because I do not skimp on the toppings. More importantly, my crust is crispy and has architectural support. Eataly’s pizza crust is as limp as Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

My trick of crisping the underside in a pan before the oven is brilliant. We Inform.

I am really close to perfecting pizza. I have already mastered the apple pie, chocolate chip cookie, and coffee.

Update April 25, 2018- My third attempt at making pizza resembles actual pizza this time. I figured out that you can roll the sticky dough between layers of paper or clear wrap to get a thin dough.

I then crisped the dough on a pan before topping it and finishing in the oven.

The crust is quite rigid and respectable. Without the pan crisping trick, it would be floppy.

My friends gave me various Italian names. I think I am settling on Stephano DiGriro. That’s as authentic as Mayor Di Blasio’s fake Italian name.

April 11, 2018- by Steven Greer

I have never bothered to make homemade pizza because the effort is too great and the outcome is inferior to what one can buy. But Trader Joe’s has impressed me so much that I bought the raw dough, sauce, pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella to make one at home.

To properly roll the dough flat is a hassle. Also, it is hard to get a crispy crust. So, I came up with a solution. I smash the dough with my fist into a 12-inch frying pan, lightly floured, and place a pie pan over that to compress the dough. I add my Dutch oven to provide compression.

I then crisp the bottom of the dough in the heated pan and add the toppings. I finish it in the oven, still in the pan, at 350-degrees for 15-minutes to get the pepperoni and cheese slightly burnt.

It was a success. The crust was crispy and the fresh, ample amounts of, cheese and pepperoni made this the best pizza I have ever had. The crust can be perfected more. I was just in a rush.

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3 Responses to Tip of the Week: How to make Trader Joe’s homemade pizza

  1. profswaft says:

    I love to make pizza too. My wife and her family have been making homemade pizza for years. They usually made the Sicilian style pizza on cookie sheet pans.

    When I got into the mix with making pizza, I bought a pizza kit that included a ceramic stone, pizza peel, and cutter.

    I just preheat the oven with the ceramic stone at 400 degrees. I usually buy the pizza dough, fresh, from an Italian bakery (usually 1lb. each bag) and let it come to room temperature. I toss a little flour on the peel knead the dough and stretch it as round as I can get it (13-15″). I toss a little more flour with some corn meal (helps it roll off the peel onto the stone).

    For the cheese topping, I usually grate mozzarella and provolone together using a box grater. The sauce we usually jar our own every September (10 – 14 bushels depending on usage from previous year).

    I brush a little olive oil on the dough. I like to put some oregano on top of the sauce after I spread it over the dough with some cracked pepper.

    Next, I drizzle the mozzarella/provolone cheese over the sauce, and sprinkle some grated romano on top.

    For toppings we usually make pepperoni, very thin sliced peppers and onions, anchovies, fresh button mushrooms sliced, or whatever you like.

    We usually buy 8 – 10 lbs of dough, invite family and friends and enjoy.

  2. Editor says:

    Sounds good. I need to add provolone too. I have just mozzarella now.

    Trader Joe’s sauce and cheeses are pretty good.

    I like my trick of rolling the dough between sheets. It is much much easier.

  3. profswaft says:

    I know that pizzerias predominantly use just mozzarella on their pizzas. I was just trying to convey that making pizza at home can bring out your creative side. Try different toppings, cheese blends, Italian herbs, toppings, etc. Make that pizza uniquely yours and leave an impression on others. Your family and friends will say, “How did you make that pizza? It taste so good.”

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