Essay: The Slippery slope to mediocrity through corruption

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March 13, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The college admissions cheating scandal in the news is timely for me. Yesterday, I was getting a special golf analysis performed in a gym. My golf teacher in Florida required it. The trainer doing the studies on me was mentioning how he works with all sorts of high school athletes who go on to college. He said that one female golfer he helps received offers from Harvard, Yale, and many others. I then asked him how sporting skills could help with entrance into those schools because The Ivy League does not even offer scholarships.

Now, I have figured it out. A college admission dean explained it on TV. She said that 30% to 40% of each incoming class is a recruited athlete. I had no idea. So, Harvard and Yale recruit athletes because they need it for title IX and for other reasons. It helps with alumni donations too.

But more and more, having athletic skills is the side door for stupid legacy kids to get accepted. Normal legacy kids, who are smart, but not smart enough, can get in by simply being a legacy kid. However, if the kid is really dumb, they need more help by being listed as a desirable athlete. Their families will pay for rowing classes, or some sport with little competition. And when the kid has neither brains nor athleticism, then the parents have to resort to bribery.

This criminal scheme uncovered in the news is just a normal iteration of the slippery slope. Any gateway to power and success gets corrupted by nepotism and cronyism. There are likely thousands of other similar cheating schemes.

But don’t expect any politician to weigh in on this. Almost all of their kids are dimwits and yet went to good schools.

Trump is an academic moron and got into good schools himself because his father was wealthy. His kids are dumber.

George W Bush was a moron and got into Yale and Harvard because of Daddy. His kids are dumber too.

Obama was a D-student pot-head and got into Harvard Law using the black version of all of this, affirmative action, as did Elizabeth Warren, and she is white. The system is so easy to exploit that all-white Warren fooled Harvard.

Bill and Hillary Clinton got into Yale on merit. But their daughter, Chelsea, seems to be borderline mentally retarded. Nevertheless, she got into Yale, then Oxford, then Columbia, and is now “Vice-Provost” for the NYU “Global Network University”, whatever that is (NYU is one of the schools implicated in the cheating scandal).

Hard work is required to get into top colleges without cheating. Natural intelligence is not enough. That is why the children of successful people are usually losers. They grew up spoiled. But without alumni donations, universities would be unable to have bloated management and pensions. Without legacy admissions, there would be no donations.

Or would there? I bet that Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg would still donate to Harvard even if this entire corrupt admission process were eradicated. It is personal ego that makes alumni want to donate. Most parents of stupid lazy kids know that their kids failed them. They would not retaliate against their alma maters.


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