Essay: How the Justice Kavanaugh victory was a major blow to the Bolshevik revolution

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November 16, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As I have mentioned before, I cut the cable TV cord and have been catching up on streaming video shows (which are mostly atrocious for reasons I am about to explain). One show still on my mind was the 2015 episode of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s reality TV series called Project Greenlight.

In that episode, a black female Hollywood producer named Effie Brown was flagrantly trying to interfere with the chosen director’s vision and alter the basic building blocks of the script. She was petitioning the director to add more black characters, add diversity, and make the white female character more of an aggressive “strong” character.

It gave me the chills. I thought of what I would do in that director’s position, being harassed to make PC propaganda. I would have gotten angry and dismissed Effie Brown. Then, I would have been fired.

Of course, this is not how good films are made. Social agendas cannot be allowed to interfere with the story or else one produces a formulaic flop.

Then, it hit me. This is why I have been appalled at the poor quality of all of the streaming dramas on Amazon, Netflix, and even HBO now.

It is easy to blame the idea of Hollywood studio executives interfering with the production process, but they are just vulnerable real humans. A pitchfork mob of modern-day Bolshevik Revolution communists has taken over Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

It all started when Hollywood and Cable TV began to die as industries and shrink in annual revenue. The executives became weakened and vulnerable to extortion.

In 2015, mysterious unknown “activists” started the #OscarsSoWhite meme. In 2017, the woefully unworthy film Moonlight, starring a black leading character, won Best Picture. Black actors Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis also won Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and that seemed to be the end of the extortion payments. In 2018, only Kobe Bryant and Jordan Peele won lesser category Oscars.

With the “Black Diversity” weapon losing power, a new form of extortion grew in the form of the #MeToo movement. Like the lack-of-black-actors scandal, which was a real criticism, the extreme abuse of women by the Hollywood machine was a real criticism too. But no good cause goes to waste for the radicals. They know how to exploit any social justice agenda.

The #MeToo mob started by taking down the ogres who were the worst offenders, such as Bill O’Reilly, many others at Fox News, Harvey Weinstein, and Les Moonves.

Despite everyone in Hollywood knowing about Harvey Weinstein’s propensity for exposing himself to women he would lure into his hotel rooms, he survived because Hollywood made money, still had power, and he was the friend of the Clintons. Then, Ronan Farrow was finally able to get The New Yorker to print his stories, after NBC refused to do so. The #MeToo weapon of mass destruction was unleashed and utilized by the radicals with agendas.

Now, #MeToo has any man in power who likes to have sex with women scared for their careers. The founding women of #MeToo, such as Rose McGowan, call it “bullshit” #MeToo has jumped the shark.

Seeing how even the powerful CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, could be toppled, the Bolshevik communists wanting to destroy America and replace it with their own leaders (i.e. anything but white males) targeted President Trump and his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But unlike Bill O’Reilly and Fox News who capitulated and paid the ransom, Trump, Kavanaugh, and the GOP senate fought back and won.

Trump’s main accusers, porn star Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti, have both been defeated. Their defamation lawsuit was dismissed and now Stormy Daniels has to defend against an order making her pay Trump’s legal fees. Avenatti is in debt, owing millions in taxes, and was recently arrested for allegedly hitting a woman. After that, he was evicted from his law office by his landlord.

Brett Kavanaugh became a Supreme Court Justice despite a pathetic month-long display of activism by the communists. Their unfair treatment of a man, all based in activities that took place more than 30-years ago while in high school, created a backlash at the midterm elections. The Republican senate gained seats and the House lost fewer seats than other recent presidents during their own midterms. Key governor races in Ohio and Florida went for the Republicans too.

Most importantly, vocal critics of Trump were ousted. Senators Flake, Corker, and McCain are gone. House Speaker Ryan is gone. Even Lindsey Graham flipped and is now a born-again populist supporting Trump (to avoid a primary challenge in 2020).

The impotent paid-activists during the Kavanaugh circus, working for globalist plutocrats, were finally given a dose of reality. The Democrat senators delusionally thinking they had a chance in 2020 for the presidential nomination were humiliated. Corey Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris are suddenly very quiet.

The Kavanagh Supreme Court nomination battle was a pivotal time in history. 100-years ago, after the real Bolshevik communists overthrew the Czars in Russia, their comrades in the United States tried the same tactics here. They failed, but only after much violence, including a massive dynamite terrorist bomb exploded on Wall Street. The Kavanaugh battle seems to have that same type of watershed event feeling.

The majority of Americans who are sane, along with their representatives in congress, need to start fighting back. The radical communists are trying once again, like 100-years ago, to abolish the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court with more than nine justices to offset the conservatives, and defy federal laws while hiding in sanctuary cities. They are power-hungry zombies and will use any unethical illegal trick they can get away with.

The election of President Trump started a Civil War and people need to view current events this way.

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