Essay: Governor Cuomo’s MTA needs to be killed

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January 2, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

The national media’s New-York-Centricities were on full display as they gave national attention to an insignificant extension of a subway. Weasel Governor Cuomo was front-and-center, getting his face all over the news, as if he somehow made this project happen sooner than expected and under budget.

In fact, this short MTA (Which is an “authority”, like the BPCA and Port Authority) subway extension cost a whopping $4.5 Billion. That is twice the cost of the new Panama Canal being built. So, the going rate for any big “authority” project is now north of $4 Billion, given that the nearby Port Authority Oculus transportation hub cost $4.5 Billion, give or take. God help us when the final tally on the new LaGuardia airport is made.

Cuomo has been in office for six-years. The 2nd Avenue subway project should have been, could have been, completed many years ago. Instead, the MTA intentionally stalled it to extort more money from the taxpayer. Also, Cuomo, in the pockets of Big Construction, allowed the cost overruns.

The planning for this newly opened 2nd Avenue subway extension began back in 1929! It was been derailed by two depressions in 1929 and 2008. But more importantly, it was delayed by New York corruption.

The MTA needs to be disbanded. It is a cancer so large, with so many employees, that it comprises a big portion of the entire state employee pool (although the state does not even know how many employees it has). The MTA, Port Authority, BPCA, and hundreds of other New York authorities, are shadow governments that skirt many of the regulations that would otherwise govern state operations. That is precisely why they exist.

This unaccountable bureaucracy of “authorities” is how the corruption within New York politics stays alive and thrives. Prosecutors can play whack-a-mole all they want, convicting governors, assemblymen, and mayors, but the problem will never go away until the funds are cut off. The heads of the Hydra can be found in the authorities. The MTA needs to be beheaded.

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  1. Chester says:

    As a very wise man once said, “Drain the Swamp!”

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