Essay: The celebrities and propagandists who lost last night in the midterms

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November 7, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Last night, the midterm elections were a referendum on populism and President Trump. The nation saw a red tide instead of the “blue wave” that the propagandists in Hollywood and New York wanted to see happen.

Who were the biggest losers?

Saturday Night Live, in general, was a big loser. For 24-months, the show under Lorne Michaels has abandoned comedy and attempted to be an “influencer” Sadly for them, nobody watches TV anymore.

Pete Davidson made some jokes about a war veteran up for election who had a missing eye due to combat. That candidate won. Pete lost.

Alec Baldwin has been force-fed to Americans for years with his terrible Trump impersonation. Last night, ABC demoted him from Sunday to Saturday as the time slot for his failing talk show. He was also arrested this week for assault, again.

Taylor Swift, who has tried to be neutral on politics, finally succumbed to the communists-fascists and weighed in, endorsing a Tennessee senate candidate. She lost.

Numerous A-list celebrities stumped for Beto O’Rourke in Texas. Despite $70 Million in campaign funds, he lost to the unlikable Ted Cruz. Hollywood lost in the process too, again.

Finally, the biggest celebrity of them all to lose badly was Barack Obama. He made the unusual move for an ex-president to actively campaign and denounce a sitting president. He attempted to hold his own rallies, which paled in comparison to the 20,000-sized Trump rallies.

Obama (and Oprah) wanted African American Stacey Abrams to win the Georgia governor’s race. She lost badly to a white guy. Obama campaigned for Richard Cordray to become the Ohio governor. He lost. Obama campaigned for Andrew Gillum in the Florida gubernatorial race. Gillum lost badly.

Only in Obama’s ultra-corrupt state of Illinois did an Obama candidate win.

Overall, the senate actually gained at lease three Republican seats, which is unprecedented for a midterm. President Obama saw the loss of 6 Senate and 63 House seats during his first midterm in 2010.

There was clearly no “blue wave” in 2018. Rather, a red tide of support for President Trump swept the nation. The celebrities were even more impotent in 2018 than they were in 2016. Barack Obama failed to get Hillary Clinton elected despite allowing his Department of Justice to sabotage the elections and attempt a coup of Trump. In 2018, Obama and his Hollywood communist stooges failed again.

(Regarding the elections, the most important development from the evening is getting little press. Both Ohio and Florida elected Republican governors. Governors control the elections. This is huge for Trump in 2020.

Also, I emailed people I know last night, predicting that Jeff Sessions would be fired this morning. I was right. I have nailed the Trump psyche.)







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