Essay: The communists want to abolish the Electoral College? Fine. Then we will take back the cities.

October 8, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

So, the talking point from the communists after the Kavanaugh loss is to abolish the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton said so in a recent interview (as if she has any chance of winning in 2020).

But they are making a big mistake. If the sane people in this country were forced to fight for the urban vote without the electoral college, then it would disrupt the sanctuary city havens that the communists have taken for granted.

Most people in the big cities are not liberals at heart. I truly believe that. They vote Democrat for a whole bunch of reasons, but ideology is not one of them. Also, voter fraud allows Democrats to win the cities and urban states.

If Trump had to fight for New York and California votes, he would get them. California has large areas of conservative voters who are farmers, etc.

Longer-term, after 2020, there are viable strategies to take back the cities. Trump’s next slogan could be “Make America’s Cities Great Again”. He already ousted Rahm from Chicago. Mayor De Blasio is very unpopular in New York.

One US Attorney in each city could clean house. They are all crooks. Preet Bharara had Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio dead to rights but he let them go. Heck, little ole Steve Greer ousted the entire Mehiel administration from the BPCA.

After arresting the senior politicians for crimes, then one would go after reforming the public unions. It should be illegal for urban state leaders to pocket millions in “campaign donations” and then use that money for personal travel, etc. Cut off the money sources for urban corruption and the problem will dry up. Then, sane people would have a chance at wining elections.

About 10 Million people live in New York City. They tolerate horrible subways and low quality of life, pay $40 a day in bridge tolls, and look the other way as their leaders steal their money. They do this because nobody has awakened them. They fear rocking the boat. But when one person stands up to the crooked politicians and wins, like I have, it is infectious.

All it would take to awaken millions of New Yorkers or San Franciscans would be a public awareness campaign to remind them that just a relatively small number of state employees working at the MTA, for example, are causing the public transportation system to be antiquated as they retire with lavish pensions. The next time the MTA union intentionally slows subway service as a contract negotiation ploy, people should be made aware. The secretive board meetings for the MTA need to be publicized so thousands can pound down the doors to those opaque bureaucracies.

The far-left have taken control of the big cities because the rest of the country has not had to fight for those blue states, yet. But the communists should not take for granted that the cities and blue states will be theirs forever. Someone like Trump could rile up millions of New Yorkers with just a few rallies.

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