Essay: The MTA needs to be shut down and privatized

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Thousands waiting for MTA buses at Barclays Center after Hurricane Sandy

Opinion November 2, 2012 By Steven E. Greer

In Battery Park, the U.S. Postal Service has been shut down all week while the private sector UPS and FedEx have never stopped delivering vital packages, with the exception of Monday, which was a mandatory evacuation. Otherwise, they likely would have plowed through and delivered on Monday as well.

This stark contrast in services between the private sector and the postal bureaucracy can be extrapolated to the New York City MTA, which operates the buses and subways. Most of the MTA services were shut down until Thursday despite the roads on New York City being perfectly capable of handing traffic, and most subway tracks being capable of handling the trains.

Regarding the flooded tracks, one can point blame at the MTA was well for not designing the entrances better with stronger flood gates. Private Goldman Sachs found a way to keep four feet of way at their doors from coming into their basement.

Method used by Goldman Sachs to keep the flood waters out from the basement

As the death toll and property damages from Hurricane Sandy mount, few are asking the big question of why our vital transportation is in the hands of a U.S. Postal Service-like bureaucracy. The MTA raises fares at will to pay for rampant disability payments and pensions payments. In return, the MTA has delivered Third World quality public transportation to the biggest city in the country.

Enough is enough. New York needs to zoom back and look at the entirety of the absurdity of the situation. Politicians can chant “New York is the greatest city in the world.” all they want, but the reality is far from that. We have infrastructure that has been neglected in order to fund human entitlements. It is time to think about radical changes, such as shutting down the MTA.

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    Well said!

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