Sticker shock at the tunnels

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LincolntunnelAugust 20, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I drove through the Lincoln Tunnel last night and was shocked that the fee is now $15. The huge fees are caused by, and paying for, the pork projects, such as the $6 Billion Oculus PATH station (same thing with the MTA).

And New Yorkers by the millions just take it.

Transportation is the Number One quality of life issue for New Yorkers, and their lives are made miserable by a few hundred thousand people who work for the MTA or Port Authority. How can a small portion of the population get away with such extreme extortion and harassment of more than 8 million people?

The answer lies in the crooked election rules of New York and New Jersey that allow governors to use these authorities as entities to generate campaign donations. The $6 Billion Oculus, for example, funneled money into a myriad of construction companies (one of which was convicted of fraud as he stole $1 Billion), which, in turn, give money to the governors. The labor unions for the MTA and Port Authority are also part of this problem.

The Port Authority is one of the most corrupt bureaucracies in the world and needs to be shut down. However, only a revolution will accomplish this, and that won’t happen until a major financial collapse occurs again.

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