Uber has all the signs of a bankrupt company

Update June 21, 2017- Told you so. Uber is a sinking ship. The CEO was officially ousted by the investors he had to bring in to bail him out.

March 23, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

I have not used Uber much being in Ohio. Four-months ago was the last time I hailed an Uber. I have noticed a significant deterioration in service since then.

First, the quality of the cars and drivers are way down. Almost every driver now has trouble speaking English. Almost every car is a beaten up junker. When I used my first Uber back in 2011, the cars were primo limo’s with excellent drivers.

Secondly, the various city regulatory bodies around the world are winning in their battle against Uber. For example, I noticed this time that some Uber cars now have video cameras filming the rides. I was told that the TLC requires this, not Uber. Some cars have them. Some don’t. It is all dependent on which TLC base camp they come from. It is regulatory chaos in classic NYC style.

I also noticed this new development last night. I went to hail an Uber but was blocked, and the message said that I had made too many cancellations and to, “Try back later”. The previous night, the drivers accepting my hail were either too far away, driving in the wrong direction, or could not speak English when I called them (literally, could not speak a lick of English). I instantly cancelled the rides until I found an acceptable one. This, apparently, is now off-limits for Uber. But it seems to be an unofficial policy, because when I complained via email, they played dumb.

That Uber car pool option? Don’t even consider it. It is a nightmare. You will be driven in the opposite direction in most cases, wasting at least 30-minutes.

The tallow taxis now have a ride hailing app called Arro. Ironically, I am finding better drivers in the yellow taxis. It has come full-circle.

All of my observations come shortly after the young punk CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, was humiliated in the national news by one of his own Uber drivers filming him as a passenger while he berated the driver.

Uber is a failing company that can’t go IPO. Competition from cheaper ride apps is killing them. They have had to lower prices, causing the deterioration in drivers, and the CEO is incompetent.

In summary, fuck you, Travis Kalanick.

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