Essay: Facebook is dead

April 8, 2018- by Steven E. Greer

The full power of the far-left liberal media is ganging up on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. First, on Friday, Bill Maher slammed them on his HBO show. Then, the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update section did a skit ripping Zuckerberg apart. Before that, liberal Elon Musk and Jim Carrey tweeted that they had deleted their Facebook accounts.

Facebook executives will testify before congress this week.

I see these all of these developments is a major blow to Facebook that will not be easily healed. Their entire business model is dead.

People are seriously creeped out that their personal behavior is being tracked and sold by Facebook. People did not realize what level of detail Facebook knew about their phone calls, driving patterns, stores visited, etc.

When photos are sold to third parties, that crosses the line for most people, even clueless teenagers. When Apple’s iCloud was hacked a few years back and celebrity nudes were released online, it made most of Hollywood give up their iPhones. Photos seem to be the red line in privacy.

I never used Facebook for these reasons. I told you so.

Why is the liberal “resistance” going after Facebook finally? I think it is because they view Facebook as being neutral Switzerland and not fully on board with the resistance. Facebook helped conservative Cambridge Analytica and Russia defeat Hillary. Facebook needs to be punished, they think. Also, Facebook is a threat to their livelihoods in old media Hollywood and TV.

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One Response to Essay: Facebook is dead

  1. LB says:

    I was at wedding in California last night.

    Sat next to Zuckerberg’s parents…nice folks.

    Father is a dentist, one of my classmates from dental school took over his practice.

    Very normal people…

    Yeah, I never ever touched FB for the same reasons…power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely….

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