Steve Greer’s Predictions for 2019 (are already coming true)

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Update July 18, 2019- Netflix down 10% today as all the things I predicted materialize.

Update June 5, 2019- As I predicted, there is a slow tech-bubble-burst underway. Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Netflix are all down big the last two-months.

Update May 4, 2019- Tiger won the Masters. The economy is booming. Clarence Thomas might step down and Ginsburg has cancer. Facebook and Twitter are losing users and TechLash is growing. The main SDNY prosecutor who was going after Trump “resigned” and the whole group of Obama stooges who tried to oust Trump will be prosecuted themselves. Finally, the yellow vest riots in Europe are growing.

Update January 3, 2018- As predicted below, Apple is already struggling. They pre-announced by lowering revenue guidance. The stock has lost $50 B in value today alone.

Update December 21, 2018- It is not even 2019 yet and my oracle powers are on display. Justice Ginsburg has lung cancer. I predicted below that Trump would have another vacancy to fill and that, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg is much sicker than she is letting on. It will be a true medical miracle if she lasts throughout the new court term.”

How did I predict this? I have “amazing powers of observation” and diagnostic skills as a doctor (OK, any medical student or Uber driver knew this too.).

December 9, 2018 (updated December 31, 2018)- by Steven E. Greer, MD (AKA The Oracle)

The economy will remain strong:

The exporting of American jobs to Third-World countries began under Bill Clinton when NAFTA was signed. As a result, this booming Trump economy, which is based on reversing globalization, is just at the starting gun. However, the stock markets are a different story.

Twenty-years later, another Tech bubble will burst:

In 1999, I was preparing for my career change from surgery into Wall Street as a financial analyst in the healthcare sector. I had published a white paper in the prestigious Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal whereby I predicted the demise of what was then called the “Dot-com” bubble. Those were the days when, WebMD,, and were all selling at inflated valuations and blowing cash in Super Bowl ads.

Sure enough, right as I started my new career at Donaldson, Lufkin, & Jenrette, I enjoyed about two months of the good times before the bubble burst. As low-level analysts, we had been allowed to spend $1,000 on lunches for “morale building” I was given the task one time of choosing the location and selected the Carlyle Hotel to watch Woody Allen play clarinet. At work, biotech IPOs were so hot that analyst Alex To demanded $10,000,000 in salary.

But then, it all ended. We had to fly coach.

Twelve-years later when Facebook went IPO at absurd valuations during a global depression, I thought for sure that it would crash soon thereafter. Then, Twitter went IPO a year later and at one point was worth $52 Billion. However, this time around, the Silicon Valley club had learned from their first Dot-com bubble mistakes and made sure that these IPOs could really generate revenue. Also helping was the fact that President Obama had chosen to recover from the Great Depression by simply printing money and keeping interest rates at zero, thereby forcing money into the markets.

But interest rates are on the rise now sending cash into fixed-income, and the bad fundamentals are also catching up with the biggest tech stocks. 2019 will see a collision of macro and fundamental forces on these overvalued stocks. Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and even real companies, such as Apple and Amazon, will get whacked in valuation, I predict.

This is not an analyst report, but briefly, these are some of the fundamental problems facing the companies:

Facebook has been exposed as a creepy place to post personal information given that it sells your life for profit to places, such as Fusion GPS. People are quitting Facebook in droves.

Twitter suffers similar problems and was never remotely as successful as Facebook at selling ads. The CEO, Jack Dorsey, is a stoner and will be exposed as a fraud. People are sick of the flagrant censorship.

Netflix is trying desperately to transform into a content company and failing. Their business model is doomed. They are throwing money at any writer who comes their way.

Meanwhile, competition has arrived. Disney, now with all of the content from 21st Century Fox, is launching their own version of Netflix. Twenty five percent of the current Netflix content is from Disney, and that will go away. Netflix already suffers form major gaps in their offerings. Then, of course, there are Amazon and Walmart getting into content streaming.

Google is also suffering from TechLash. Countries around the globe are close to acting on privacy concerns. The U.S. could force a break-up. Parent company Alphabet has failed miserably at “moonshot” investments.

Amazon is a poorly run company. One would think that a warehouse company could manage grocery stores, but the acquisition of Whole Foods has been a disaster. Meanwhile, other retailers, such as Walmart, are catching on to the online selling game.

Apple is facing governmental pressures in the forms of tariffs on Chinese-made products and taxes. Their bread and butter, the iPhone, is a mature market and Tim Cook has failed to diversify into other big ideas, such as electric cars (look for them to buy Tesla, finally?).

Streaming content will be terrible, for another year:

Related to the above, the 2019 of streaming content dramas from Netflix, Amazon, and others will be atrocious. The PC mob has all of the studio executives scared and ideology is stifling creativity. Even the final season of Game of Thrones will be fully-clothed and boring.

Trump will be indicted by the SDNY US Attorney:

The entire Michael Cohen prosecution up in New York was nothing but a clever way that Rod Rosenstein used to expanded the narrow “Russian Collusion” mandate of the Mueller investigation in DC to go into the Trump organization in New York. They will argue that his hush-money to Stormy Daniels and others was a violation of campaign finance laws and charge him with a felony in hopes that it rises to “high crimes” to impeach.

In fact, Obama was caught violating campaign finance laws and merely fined. This is the typical way that these matters are handled. Moreover, a sitting president cannot be indicted according to most scholars.

Look for this to all blow up and backfire on the Democrats and help Trump get re-elected. But he will fight back, per below.

Andrew McCarthy sums it all up here.

Prosecution of Obama-Hillary stooges:

In 2019, I think that Trump voters will demand that the members of the Obama administration who staged a failed coup be prosecuted. It is just a matter of how high it goes. Will Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder go down? The Clintons are now under scrutiny as the DOJ reopens the investigation into the sleazy Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme.

Trump is also someone who retaliates when struck. The new Democrat-led House will certainly engage in harassing investigations. Prosecuting the stooges will be a great way to fire back.

Another Supreme Court Justice will be appointed by Trump:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is much sicker than she is letting on. It will be a true medical miracle if she lasts throughout the new court term.

Flying cars:

In big cities, gridlock and old public transportation infrastructure are crises. The technology to make what is essentially large drones for humans is already here. Look for demonstration projects to take off from the Seaport and fly people to JFK, for example. It will start with unmanned package delivery vehicles.

Within three-years, flying cars will be a reality for passengers who are not one-percenters. Some smart company, such as Tesla, will get into this business.

Democrats will flip and suddenly become tough on illegal aliens:

The Democrat propagandists on TV news seem to realize that Obama’s liberal migration policies are leading to a global wave of Trump clones coming to power. Trump’s anti-illegal-alien campaign is paying off. What seems unimaginable today will become a reality: Chuck, Nancy, Pocahontas, Spartacus, and Kamala Obama will denounce sanctuary cities and get tough on illegal immigration.

The lame attempt to send thousands of Central Americans to storm the southern border just made Trump look strong and built momentum for the wall. Chuck and Nancy will lose this government shut-down standoff.

I have spotted liberals on Saturday talk shows and evening political shows suddenly agreeing that we need to stop illegal aliens. However, they use euphemisms, such as “migrants” That is why yesterday’s ABC news piece on an illegal alien family arrested for aiding and abetting a cop killer is so important. They use the terms “illegal alien” and “sanctuary city” I have never heard that used by the propagandists before.

I have said for three-years that California has a large voter base that agrees with Trump on cracking down on illegal aliens and who find sanctuary city laws outrageous. Listen to the cops in this ABC story.

More companies to self-insure and create own hospitals:

When a $3 Trillion industry, such as American Healthcare, grows at 5%, that is unsustainable. Look for more large companies to form their own insurance and hospital networks, as JPMorgan, Amazon, and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway have done.

Trump will get serious about drug price gouging:

Trump has been distracted by other matters. In 2019, look for him to crack down on Big Pharma for price gouging.

Riots in Europe will lead to the destruction of the UE and reversal of Muslim migration seen under Obama:

In 2011, I was the first one to spot that the Occupy Wall Street camps were a huge deal and part of a major movement.

Last week, I was the first one to spot the significance of the France “yellow vest” riots. When I saw the news images last week, which the mainstream press was ignoring it, I knew they were big. I knew they were not about just “gas taxes”

France has been hit hard by Muslim migration. They now have Muslim ghettos and terrorists attacks. Entire sections of cities have gone from upscale to slums and no-go zones. On top of that, there is disgust for how the appointed, un-elected, ruling class of the EU that has taken away their sovereignty.

The yellow vest protests will continue even after Macron is ousted. They will not stop until there is a FREXIT.

Other countries are starting their own protests. In the UK today were mobs supporting the real BREXIT, not Theresa May’s watered-down joke. May will be ousted next week along with Macron. The French riots are emboldening all of Western Europe. This is the biggest story of the year and it is being ignored intentionally.

The same stooges who went along with Obama’s plan to Muslim-fy Europe are now backing away from it. Hillary, Kerry, etc. are changing their tunes.


I think Tiger Woods will win again in 2019 and Steven Greer will shoot under par and qualify for a USGA event.

In the NFL draft, Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins and Nick Bosa will be first-round picks. Other than that, I have zero interest in professional sports these days.

My prediction that urban Meyer would be ousted has already materialized.


Brookfield Place retail will fail: The big “luxury goods” shops cannot afford to stay there even though they get free rent. Look for lower-end shops and Amazon to take over.

The real estate bubble will continue to slowly deflate: People do not want to buy thin-walled pencil-tower boxes in the sky. Meanwhile, the expiring ground lease in BPC will keep buyers away.

Restaurants will fail: Look for Del Friscoe’s, North End Grill, Il Mulino, and virtually all of the restaurants within Tribeca hotels to close.

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